How to lose $50…

Well it looks like my guy will come in second, our next Commander-In-Chief will be President Barack Obama, and I will lose a $50. bet.

This is what makes America so great. 

Far and away, we are the only nation where a child born to an immigrant, now expatriate father, can aspire to, and then acquire, the most powerful office in the land.  Check that, world.

My vote proudly went for the loser, but having Obama emerge victorious has its distinct advantages.  Not the least of these positive ramifications is that our nation can now definitively put to rest the constant playing of the race-card, along with the notion that while we all have a seat at the table, some have to play against a stacked deck. 

Please…  apart from the normal and eternally unavoidable cavities and disparities in the human condition, let us lay that fiction permanently to rest.  Like nowhere else in history, on this planet, in America, where you start does not have to define where you will wind up.

This fact is now permanently beyond dispute.

No, we are not perfect.

But, in this electoral process, if we haven’t shown ourselves to be the ultimate Land of Opportunity, then it is only to those who must have a vested interest in perpetually opening old wounds, preferring the well-worn path of acrimonious division over the new way of restorative reconciliation.

Yes, I lost 50 bucks, but, no matter who our preferred candidate was, we have all gained so much.

All of us now need to stand with our President-elect. 

It is what smart people will do, and what good Americans have always done.

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