Chrysler Caliphate

July 15, 2010

To most Americans, the word CORDOBA conjurs up recollections of Ricardo Montalban hawking Chrysler luxury sedans, with interiors adorned in soft “Corinthian Leather.”

But what say we do a little historical enquiry…  using almost any source material you like.

Go ahead.  Find out what relation the name “Cordoba” has to do with the term “Caliphate”.  Go ahead…

After you finish doing that, consider the fact that the new Islamic Center being planned for position in very close proximity to Ground Zero, NYC is called “Cordoba House”. 

Just think about that, for a while.  People don’t blithely attach names to opulent facilities by accident, do they?

When you pause and give reasonable consideration to the aforementioned query, ask yourself this:

Is this the kind of project we might expect from people promoting a religion of peace?  Is this a level of sensitivity consistent with the espoused aims of the new facility?

What’s in a name?  Sometimes, when it comes to automobiles, not much.  With projects near the heart of Ground Zero, names can mean a great deal.