May 21, 2011 The End?

May 20, 2011

No, the world isn’t ending tomorrow.

God has given us a ring-side seat at the greatest show in the Universe, yet some who claim to be God’s people want to cut things short and ring down the curtain.

Countdowns to the End are intrinsically laughable. 

They are also sinful.

Instead of embracing the End, I believe God calls us to celebrate and share new beginnings.

May 21st, 2011 would be a good day to start…


Jorge Posada & Sarah Silverman

May 16, 2011

Jorge Posada has been one of the all-time great Yankees.  But last Saturday, batting around .165, when placed 9th in the order against Boston, he opted out of the game.  Terrible decision.  Why?  Because Jorge has more class than that, and he needs to consider that people remember best what we do last.  If he can’t be a big man now, it will make people forget he was a great player back when…

Still, much worse than that was the cameo appearance of Sarah Silverman in the Fox booth during the national broadcast.  The utterly unfunny segment was transformed into a complete disgrace when Silverman suggested that pitchers ought to use LSD, a la Doc Ellis.  Has there been a more evident lowpoint in the history of live TV?  FOX dumped the audio for a few choice comments made, but it would have been preferable to cut the whole thing short.

Bad day tuning in as a Yankee fan, yet truly awful as a parent, or someone just seeking decent, quality entertainment.


May 13, 2011

With all of our communications media, sometimes we are quite isolated, and lack any real perspective.

So, check this out, and give thanks:

Composure in Crisis

May 5, 2011

Real time composure and class…  Click on the link below…

Osama bin Gaten II

May 4, 2011

Far more important than releasing a photo of a slain Osama bin Laden is for Americans to consider the means that led to his capture, and ask these specific questions.

Was waterboarding involved in gleaning any information on bin Laden’s trusted courier?  Were enhanced interrogation techniques used to exact data helping to track down this malevolent monster?  Was any credible information gleaned via questioning at Guantanamo?  Were any cell-phone communications intercepted?  Was the UN informed?  Did the Security Council grant sanction?  Did the Pakistani government approve of the SEALs invasion?

One of the great things about our current President is his ability to change his mind, especially as it pertains to views expressed on the campaign trail. 

The campaign is long, long over and Guantanamo is still open for a reason.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammad will not be tried in NYC for a reason.  Predator drones and missiles have been set upon terrorists in Pakistan for a reason. 

President Obama is a reasonable man, who has continued policies enacted long before he took office, for a very good reason.  Thus, a callous murderer ultimately met his demise.

Within this demise, it would be naive to conveniently ignore the means that brought it about.

Osama bin Gaten

May 2, 2011

What a triumph of justice, and another major blow struck against AlQaeda. 

In part, according to ABCNews, this is due to intelligence garnered from KSM in a secret CIA prison in Eastern Europe, but mainly, it’s the result of painstaking patience and consistent heroism on the part of our men and women in uniform.

At large, since the ’90’s, an era of evil has turned to a much better chapter.  Add to this the uprisings for freedom all across the Middle East, and truly, Jihadist tyranny’s days are numbered.