So, who will win?

So, even though we are voting for the same person tomorrow (McCain), I placed a bet with a sympatico family member that John McCain will win the Presidential election.  $50. in fact… 

This is serious business!  The person at the other end of my wager, while pulling the lever for the Republican ticket, believes that Obama will prevail.

Why do I hold my present view?  Simple.

The Investors Business Daily had the most reliable polling in the last election, and as of today, they have it as a 4.5 point race, in favor of Obama, with 9.5% still undecided!

OK.  Here is my angle…  9.5% are not, in fact, undecided.

Many, I believe, are actually quite decided, and will enact their choice in the secrecy of a voting booth. 

BTW, as an aside, secret ballots deciding union representation are critical to getting fair and uncoerced results…

Personally, it seems to me that coming out for Obama has been the flavor of the month, for almost two years!  Most people who are giving the nod to the Senator from Illinois have felt this way for a while, and are more than happy to say so.

But saying one might be for McCain often invites charges of bigotry and racism, as if the only reason one might not jump on the Obama bandwagon is because of some personal character flaw! 

Weeks ago, Jack Cafferty, playing the role of impartial journalist for CNN, said as much by opining that the only reason the race was so close was because of race! 


Even so, it means the climate is much milder for those who say, “I’m not sure,” than “I’m going with McCain…”  Alas, the only truly safe place to express your will is behind a curtain, in the local voting booth.

Tomorrow, millions will punch cards, throw levers and touch screens.  What an exciting privilege! 

I may indeed lose a bet, but regardless of the final tallies, I hope and pray that, in time, it will be seen that in this election, it was the American people who really won.


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