Tim Tebow

November 28, 2011

You don’t often see players from opposing teams praying together after a game — victor and vanquished.

But, woop, there it is.  Tim Tebow, and members of the San Diego Chargers, all taking a knee, with all heads bowed.

Hands joined, with cameras hovering over them as though they were aliens at mid-field.

People can criticize and offer patronizing comment on these players offering praise to God, but honestly, aren’t there far worse things they could be doing?  Here we have men joined in unity only seconds after pounding one another on the playing field, and I think it’s pretty cool.

Good for them.



Yet another Russian “triumph” in space…

November 9, 2011


And we’re going to entrust American astronauts to this level of proficiency so that we can access the Space Station we built?

Hopefully it won’t take a catastrophic failure, involving loss of human life, before people see the folly in our present course.