“We choose to go to the Moon…”

June 24, 2015

When President Kennedy sent us on the quest for landing on the moon and returning safely, his idea was well beyond what anyone on Earth had ever thought realistically possible.

It was an enormous vision.

President Obama needs to do the same thing in envisioning the quest for a society that forgets “race” and looks upon character.

Our current President enjoys a golden opportunity to redefine America, and lift us far beyond the mud of racial division into the stratosphere of universal human reality.

He is uniquely poised to do this.

I hope he will.




Epson Fantastic!

June 1, 2015

How do you treat a customer?  Epson Incorporated seems to know.

Having successfully and very happily used their other products and projectors, some years ago I purchased an Epson $3,000.00 LCD projector for work, using it pretty sparingly for very short duration presentation videos.  Still, it came to pass that at only 18 hours total illumination, the bulb blew.

So I called Epson tech support, got right to a live person who heard my story.  He never asked for a receipt, never asked for proof of use.  Just heard my story.

Putting me on hold for a minute to touch base with a supervisor, he then rushed me a new projector bulb unit, gratis.

This is a $500.00 item, sent free of all charges.

Guess which company I’ll stay with and recommend across the board, without reservation?

Epson not only makes marvelous products, just as critical, they operate out of the principle that the customer is a friend and ally.  It’s not just the technical sophistication that makes this company go.

It’s the superlative service.