Dreams of MLK Jr.

August 28, 2013

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” 

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

My mother woke me up before school with the news that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated.  I assumed that, later on, everyone in the playground would be as upset as my folks were.  In fact, they were not.

I think, as children, at least to a certain age, we presume that others we know will be in step with what our parents describe as the landscape of life.  To that moment, standing on the asphalt pavement, I lived inside the bubble that said, “Our values are shared by all.”

Yet, echoing what they’d surely heard over breakfast, my closest classmates openly expressed the view that now it was time to ramp things up and “get the others”.  Their candor reflected the reality that they too assumed universal agreement with the home-grown bigotry and hatred inculcated and ingested as easily as bacon and eggs.

It’s a weird thing when the aging process accelerates and your best friend articulates something you know and intrinsically feel is ugly and repugnant.  What do you do then, at 12?  Well, you change, you grow, and you begin to realize that we become ourselves, in part, by differentiating from some folks and affiliating with others.

It is now 50 years since the great march on Washington and the famous Dream declared to all Americans.  It was a prophetic utterance inspiring us to build a color-blind society, valuing one another according to the endemic worth afforded to all of God’s children, and not according to the pigmentation of our skin or the dangerous and ignorant social construct called “race”.

Over the last half century, it would be impossible to deny the progress in our nation that might well have surprised Dr. King.  But we must also admit that we are still mired in backward terminology and thinking that too easily demarcates individuals, defining them as either “Black” or “White”.

Outside of the “human race” there is no concept of race that will stand up to scientific scrutiny.  Apart from each of us cherishing our vastly diverse ethnic heritage and the personal history that is broadly informative for all people, there is zero basis for delineating and dividing men and women along lines that in reality run no deeper than skin tone.  To do so, whether maliciously or casually, is a vestige of retrograde racism symptomatic of a generation that has yet to fully crystallize a vision as clear and crucial for today as it was five decades ago.

The Christian Gospel and the legacy of the powerful preacher from Atlanta both call us to see one another as Our Lord does.  This grand invitation challenges us to look past the crude labels too often affixed on our sisters and brothers.  It is a depiction of Salvation, where coarse categorizations must give way to the fundamental truth that we are all redeemed to be one family, gathered forever in the Kingdom of God.


The Fading Red Line

August 26, 2013

There seems to be little, if any, doubt that Bashir Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people.

What remains up in the air is what the response will be…



August 23, 2013

Ah yes, the snake oil is flowing…

Now Al is likening those who disagree with him in the ugliest terms imaginable.  This is what a cult leader would do.  It’s what Al is doing.

Just asking, but what is Al Gore’s personal carbon footprint?

Used to be “Global Warming”.  Now, it’s “Climate Change”…

President Obama has dealt with 3 major hurricanes in his tenure.  How politically fortunate, especially when most people don’t read history!

President Grover Cleveland handled many, many more.

Check this out:  http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/pastdec.shtml


Wing Walking

August 21, 2013

With our lives so sanitized with illusory notions of safety, it’s great observing those who breathe the same air we all do, but seize the moment in ways we have long forgotten.





Egypt? It’s all Greek to me

August 16, 2013

In the midst of an almost incoherent foreign policy in Egypt, Christian churches and their membership are being deliberately targeted and destroyed on a daily basis.  Still, American military aid to that country will continue.

Why?  Well, because what with all the dramatically unsuccessful rapprochement to Middle East Muslims, Christians still don’t matter.

“Walk softly, and carry no stick,” is our guiding principle, and we don’t want to offend Muslims by standing up for those they are willfully and systematically turning into refugees.

We’ll even stand down from defending an ambassador!  Why?  Well, think of all that we have gained in the region over the last 6 years!  We surely can’t risk losing our strong credibility.



A-Rod for Life

August 7, 2013

Assuming MLB has proof of his renewed use of PED’s, Alex Rodriguez should have been banned from playing baseball for life.

Way back when Mark McGuire admitted to using Creatine while crushing Roger Maris’ 61 homer record, MLB should have issued a henceforth and permanent ban on anyone caught indulging themselves in such fashion with any prohibited substance.  Creatine wasn’t a banned substance in baseball at the time McGuire used it, but the lesson should still have been learned.

Now, the game continues to be stained, and the blight threatens the reputation of anyone taking the field for the last decade.

Problems we don’t deal with in the present almost always return with an intractable vengeance at a later date.

Why are we still having to deal with this?