“We choose to go to the Moon…”

June 24, 2015

When President Kennedy sent us on the quest for landing on the moon and returning safely, his idea was well beyond what anyone on Earth had ever thought realistically possible.

It was an enormous vision.

President Obama needs to do the same thing in envisioning the quest for a society that forgets “race” and looks upon character.

Our current President enjoys a golden opportunity to redefine America, and lift us far beyond the mud of racial division into the stratosphere of universal human reality.

He is uniquely poised to do this.

I hope he will.



frontier veritas

June 23, 2015

I just spoke with another Frontier Executive Level Support person, who was looking into my situation…

This individual had the integrity to tell the truth…  Finally!

Indeed, the ARRIS NVG589 MODEM/ROUTER that Frontier is installing for customers paying for 45mbs/sec. service, CANNOT handle that speed wirelessly (at least not for more than a few bursts).

It CAN handle that speed via Ethernet cable, as I posted on June 3rd.  So, 99% of the time, forget wireless.

I was also told that as of late May, when I signed on for the “Power” package, 11 service tickets had been posted to my account regarding the problems.

Thus far, Frontier has credited me for $25.00.  Yes, I’m serious.  $25.00.

Missed service appointments, actual speed that usually runs a bit better than half the contracted rate, hours spent on the phone with tech support…







Finally, Frontier!

June 17, 2015

Finally hit 46mbs/sec once this afternoon, for a few moments.  

All the complaints, phone calls, emails, postings may be doing something, at least for a little while


Every customer should be advised to systematically check out Speedtest.net to see if they’re getting near what they’re paying for.

ESPECIALLY if they’re paying for 45+ mbs/sec service.

They may find that in the vast majority of circumstances they’re running a good deal less than they’re paying for.


Most times, it’s “kinda-sorta”, “maybe next time”, “on rare occasion you could conceivably”…

Like the old Chevy Vega, with the 110mph speedometer…

6/20/2015 around midnight  (28mbs):  http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4445923021


Frontier Communications Tres bien?

June 4, 2015

So, we had a nice tech out who restored our service…  Again, the techs on the trucks aren’t the ones promising what the sales/customer service people front up and can’t deliver…

I’m paying for 45mbs/sec.

I’m getting:  http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4409617725

This is because the modem Frontier installs for the residential “Power” package can’t deliver that speed wirelessly.  Not happening. It can’t do it.

Hasn’t hit 45mbs/sec once.

Now, will Frontier be rebating/refunding for the lack of service people are being charged for?

We’ll see.

Imagine a gas pump that over-calculates your actual fuel reception…  Or a power company that charges for 25kw when you only used 12…

That’s the issue, and it affects lots of people…  Check it out…

6/5/2015    http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4412252577

6/6/2015    http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4413754401

6/14/2015  http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4431682688

6/15/2015  http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4435156796


Frontier Communications part deux

June 3, 2015

As a response to my previous post, I received two phone calls from Frontier Communications.  The last came from “Robin” who said that my case had been elevated to “Executive Level” support.

She apologized for the many mistakes and problems, indicating that this was most unusual for Frontier.  I reminded her of the well documented issues Frontier had when first coming to our state.

Then I informed her what I was told since 6/2, as this affects many Frontier customers…

I was told by an engineer familiar with the ARRIS NVG589 modem/router that Frontier is installing for customers paying for 45mbs/sec. service, that this equipment CANNOT handle that speed wirelessly.  One would have to connect via Ethernet cable to achieve the promised speed, which, of course, Frontier isn’t telling people.

The modem/router will have to have its firmware updated at some future date.  Meanwhile, the fees for the 45mbs/sec have not changed.

Robin promised to look into all of this and get back to me.

After speaking with her, my internet access was soon totally dropped.  The result is that, at this writing, I’ve been without any access (wireless or otherwise) for several hours, and I am posting this from another location…

When I called Robin to alert her to the fact that my internet went down, guess what?  She claimed to have been in contact with a service manager, to no avail.

Then she asked if I’d contacted tech support!

I strongly responded that since it was her company, she should contact support on my behalf, and then she could let me know exactly what was going on.

What a concept… someone at Executive Level support at Frontier Communications, contacts someone in tech support at Frontier Communications to find out why and then tell the Frontier Communications customer why they now have zero connectivity to the internet.

UPDATE:  Just got a call from “Denise” in “escalated” customer support.  Apparently, I will be without any internet until tomorrow.  She doesn’t know why.  Another tech will have to come by the house to check the setup that was just installed yesterday…

My heavens, any more escalation, and who knows what Frontier will provide!


Frontier Communications

June 1, 2015

Frontier Communications has certainly had its share of problems taking over from ATT.  These are well documented, and need not be further elucidated here.

My own view, based on currently unfolding experience, is that they consistently and willfully act in a fraudulent manner.  I do not believe we are speaking of broad and basic bureaucratic buffoonery, but something rather more casually culpable.

Since ordering a 45mb/second “Power” upgrade on May 22nd, now reflected on my most recent bill, I received zero customer service in response to the fact that I was getting 1/3 of what I signed on for.  It’s a good thing I know how to check line speeds, though anyone would notice when there is no internet access.

Indeed, on May 27, and again on May 29th, all service was dropped, and the purchased speed was nowhere in sight.  Numerous phone calls and several hours in conversation with tech support and customer service yielded nothing more than informational incompetence, conflicting responses, deception, along with several promises of proper service that didn’t occur.

Bear in mind that many of the phone conversations I’m referencing included tech and customer service supervisors.

As an example, a service visit to install a newly required modem, ostensibly arranged by a supervisor, never transpired, and I wasted significant time (not to mention all the time on the phone just with that one supervisor).  At no time did Frontier attempt to alert me that the tech would not be coming.  I just needed to find that out first-hand by waiting for no reason and adding several more calls to customer service, where I found out the scheduled call had, for some reason, not actually been scheduled.

As I write this, a second appointment, arranged three days ago by the tech due to show up, has been missed.  The guy’s manager seemed remarkably clueless and uninterested when I called, before he then said the tech arranging the appointment phoned in sick.  I guess the manager assumed that missing service techs never have calls already scheduled requiring some speedy customer follow-up.

With Frontier Communications, this actually makes sense, as service isn’t something they care to deliver.

As it happens, I was told at 10:12EDT, by the singularly unperturbed tech manager that a truck would be out to my home within half an hour.  An hour and a half later, a Frontier truck arrived!  Nice guy at the wheel, and, for sure, all the prior issues weren’t his fault.

With the change-over to Frontier, more than likely he just changed shirts.  It’s too bad that fine people have to front such a terrible operation.

As seems to be all too common in the telecommunications industry, in my perception, Frontier Communications is truly pushing the limits of erudite vocabulary as it pertains to the description of profoundly counterfeit customer service.

Big picture, we’re talking about a Communications company that doesn’t know how to properly communicate.

They rely on promising a customer what they later have no intention or capability of delivering (at least according to their own phone support personnel), they tend to say whatever will secure a sale, or perhaps make possible the conclusion of a call to tech support.

Then, when a customer is forced to call back because promises have not been kept, that consumer is required to start from square one, enduring more long hold times, hearing more vacant assurances, and it’s deja vu all over again…

Having contacted our State Attorney General, I hope some long-term responses and proper restitution will be made.

Companies need to treat their customers as allies, not as stooges to be fleeced.  Frontier Communications has raised this latter approach to new heights, and it’s time this approach was summarily stopped.

Oh yeah, my internet download speed?  Running about 30mbs/sec… often a good deal less, and never at 45mbs/sec.  This is like paying for electricity or gas that you aren’t using.

Wouldn’t it be great if the customer could index and adjust their bill according to actual data transfer?

Great for the consumer.  Perhaps not so great for others.

Here’s today’s (6/2) speed test:   http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4405057935

One from (6/3):  http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4406131885

Epson Fantastic!

June 1, 2015

How do you treat a customer?  Epson Incorporated seems to know.

Having successfully and very happily used their other products and projectors, some years ago I purchased an Epson $3,000.00 LCD projector for work, using it pretty sparingly for very short duration presentation videos.  Still, it came to pass that at only 18 hours total illumination, the bulb blew.

So I called Epson tech support, got right to a live person who heard my story.  He never asked for a receipt, never asked for proof of use.  Just heard my story.

Putting me on hold for a minute to touch base with a supervisor, he then rushed me a new projector bulb unit, gratis.

This is a $500.00 item, sent free of all charges.

Guess which company I’ll stay with and recommend across the board, without reservation?

Epson not only makes marvelous products, just as critical, they operate out of the principle that the customer is a friend and ally.  It’s not just the technical sophistication that makes this company go.

It’s the superlative service.


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