NFL, taking a knee

Didn’t the NFL fine players for over-zealous touchdown celebrations through last season?

Weren’t those demonstrations of glee protected “free-speech”?  If not, why not?

What if a player wants to wear a 49’ers jersey while freely and publicly endorsing a political candidate?  OK by the 49’ers?  The NFL?

What if a player wanted to sew a Cross onto the front of their playing jersey, or put a Jesus decal on their helmet for game-time?  OK with the NFL?

Protected speech, right?

Personally, I think the President should stay out of these things, but I myself am a little mystified regarding what seem to be dramatic inconsistencies within what the NFL recently fined and now appears to fully support.

Maybe it’s just me.

The National Anthem represents all of us, and especially those who died enabling us to sing it.

It has nothing to do with a sitting President (as these protests began during the previous administration).  It’s bigger than that.  It’s bigger than party or team, or individual.

Much bigger.

That’s why it’s respectfully rendered before many games across many sports.

How is it that some, wearing an NFL uniform, will take a knee during our National Anthem, while taking a big check that uniform, and thriving in our country, provides?

How was aggressively spiking the football last year more of a concern to the NFL than actively disrespecting the National Anthem was and is today?



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