Are you faith based?

Two weeks ago my daughter was misdiagnosed, and sent out of the doctor’s office with nothing to counteract the bug she’d caught on a road-trip.

Later in the week, fearing things were getting out of hand, my wife and I took her to a late-night clinic to get another opinion.  Upon examination, when the doctor said we were dealing with a “raging ear infection,” we weren’t surprised as we’d initially brought our daughter to our regular doctor because she’d had a severe ear-ache.

Indeed, the truth sometimes hurts, but it beats incompetence by miles, so in some ways, we were all relieved.  The doctor left the room to arrange getting the antibiotics necessary to effect a cure, and we knew we were on the right track.

Still, coming back into the examining room, shutting the door and leaning back on the counter, the doctor paused, looked us in the eyes, and said, “May I ask you a very personal question?”

My first thought was, “Uh-oh..,” but I said nothing.

Once again the doctor said, “Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

We said, indeed, she could.

“Are you faith-based?”

My wife said that, in fact, we are.

The doctor then continued, “I could tell.  You’re peaceful, and you have a presence.  Thank you for bringing your spirit here tonight.”

Now, because of her remarks, we left that clinic with far more than a prescription.  For such a reception it makes you want to be sick!

What a nice, and courageous thing to say!  By asking her question, the doctor was putting her own cards fully on the table, and it was a great lesson for us all.

Faith doesn’t always mean sharing our doctrines.  It can be extremely powerful simply affirming the spirit of others.

Leaving the establishment, my daughter still had a fever, but we were all walking on air.

It was a special blessing encountered only because we’d experienced the bacteria of personal frailty and weakness.

The sickness passed quickly with the treatment.

However, the unexpected grace, boldly imparted, will endure.


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