Glock and Spiel?

One of the more disheartening and sickening aspects of a terrible crime being committed is when some try to use the actions of a crazed maniac to lay blame on their political opponents.

Jared Lee Loughner’s attack on Representative Gabriella Giffords, and his success in taking so many innocent lives is horrific enough.  Using this demonic outburst as a means of piling on those we disagree with is shameful and grossly undignified.

As well attested, in this country, people use rhetoric freely under the assumption that the overwhelming vast majority of the population isn’t extremely deranged.  This is a healthy and valuable assumption.

Given his very long history of sickness, how Mr. Loughner wound up in the possession of a Glock pistol is worthy of serious investigation. 

Yet, out of respect for his victims, those inclined to gain political traction through this event need to stop talking and realize their attempted soapbox is made up of the maimed and the dead.

Sensible and compassionate people know when to speak, and more importantly, when to keep silence.


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