An Open Letter to our President-elect

Dear Mr. President-elect,

May you have great success!

In full disclosure, I did not vote for you.

I wrote in for Bernie Sanders.  I thought he and his supporters had long been poorly treated by the DNC.

My sympathies are not in favor of the “Not My President” style of protesting.  You won an electoral landslide, and you are my soon to be inaugurated President.

My family and I, along with all Americans are depending on you.

Personally, I think you can do a great job, and we all need you to.  I have faith that you will.

However, in truth, let me express a lingering bias.

Your remarks about Senator John McCain and President George W. Bush were not your finest hour, or our nation’s.

I’ve seen President Bush working under duress, from a very close vantage point, and his level of strength and integrity are well worth affirming across any party lines or partisan view.

Your past remarks about a lot of people weren’t the best either.

Truthfully, I believe one of your strong points, among many, is the fact that you say what you actually think, and you also listen, so that your thinking may constantly evolve.

This is a tremendous attribute.

That said, may I humbly make a suggestion?

At some point, before your Inauguration, I think it would be a great thing to acknowledge the gift of your being able to speak freely.  That’s a good thing, for sure.

It might also go a long way to say that in the heat of campaigning, and for other reasons, some of what you have said could rightly be received as being quite hurtful.

Recommit yourself to the wonderful approach and pledge to seek the best for America, while being gracious enough to revisit some comments for retraction or clarification.

Not only will that make you an even better President-elect, it will help make America as great as we all want her to be.


Rev. Bill Keane







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