All Trumped Up

People voted, populism was tempered by regionalism, and Donald Trump won the electoral votes necessary to be called the President-elect.

I know many who voted for him.

They are not bigots, racists, misogynists, or ignorami.  They are decent people who exercised their right to mark ballots and pull levers.

In a free country, these things happen.

I have no respect for those, in the face of defeat, who are now spitting in the well of our country’s future.

Donald Trump is my President.

I will give him the chance to reach out and be everyone’s Commander-in-Chief.

Personally, I believe Mr. Trump has the potential to be a great President.  He likes to win, and I believe he really wants to be seen as successful, and not by a few.

At this writing, barely two days after the election, Mexico and Canada have already indicated their willingness to take a new look at NAFTA.

Gee, I wonder how that happened…



One Response to All Trumped Up

  1. Don Potter says:

    Well said Rev Bill. I’m totally with your philosophy and hope our young people heal and learn how to accept defeat.

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