Brian Williams

It’s now pretty obvious that the anchor of NBC News likes to embellish.  He likes to be the story and the star, and it’s no accident he always positions himself so the camera will be biased toward the right side of his face.

He’s a celebrity.  Not a journalist, but a true star.  Stars worry about which side of their profile will be photographed.

After all, he was there!  He did it all, and he needs to be the focus well beyond the stories he misreported.

As it happens, I was in New Orleans, just after Katrina’s flood waters were pumped away, working for the government as a chaplain assisting in recovery operations.  Just prior to leaving, the power was out, but the French Quarter was starting to show signs of life.

Some very appreciative folks opened their homes to me, very thankful that no water had ever compromised their street level door-fronts and living rooms.

Yet we are told that Pinocchio saw a body floating past in the French Quarter.  Really?

Six people died in the SuperDome, and somehow, by some chance, Brian Williams is on tape acting as though he knew them prior to their placement in the Dome?  Like their loss was his personal point of grief?

What are the chances?

Thankfully, NBC no longer has the ratings it once did, and sources of information aren’t limited to 3 major networks.

Still, one wonders about the state of affairs when the news is so blatantly a platform for spouting private agenda and seeking personal fame.


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