Why are we still in the Race?

Why are we still talking about Race?

Apart from the Human Race, there is no such thing as “race”.  We may as well be attempting to divide people according to hair color.

There is no such thing as an inter-racial marriage or a bi-racial child.

There is, however, such a thing as blatantly profitable stupidity.

The time is long overdue for our President, to openly state the scientific facts.  He is uniquely qualified to do so, and this would set the stage for further productive dialogue across our country.

Yes.  The White House calls for network time for President Obama to speak about race, and the coming address is adequately promoted.

The President then references biology and anthropology to reiterate the blatant fact that we are all sisters and brothers.  There is no Black or White.

Such a speech would easily mark the high-point of his, and perhaps, any Presidency in modern times.

It would obliterate simplistic categories of color, while reminding us that we are all Americans, regardless of our ethnicity.  It would celebrate the gifts that our collective and diverse ethnicity bestows, embracing the cultural depth that makes our country great.  But it would blow apart the enduring ignorance lying at the foundation of dysfunctional policy and resulting riotous protest.

My hopes are very high.

There is no valid reason why they have to be dashed.


Dr. Yolanda Moses:






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