Robinson Cano?

WJK_CANO_001So it seems, according to ESPN, due to lower attendance, and other factors, the Yankees are under pressure to sign Robinson Cano.

Robinson Cano is a phenomenal second baseman, with an arm and hitting skills anyone would covet.  But is he worth 300 million over 10 years?  No.

You see, the real problem with Yankee attendance isn’t what’s happening on the field.  It’s the silly pricing of the premium seats around and behind home plate.

In contrast to 2007 and prior, these seats are as empty as they are full because they are overpriced and sold to corporate clients who couldn’t care less about baseball.  This is why, in 2009, when the Yankees were winning the World Series, against Philadelphia, one could still see empty blue seats behind home plate as Andy Pettitte delivered the baseball.

At Fenway, this is never the case.

So, no, Robinson Cano is not worth 300 million over 10 years, and yes, the Yankee management should not be soaking the real fans and catering to corporate clients who show up at the 3rd inning, leave by the 7th, and don’t actually know or care what’s happening on the field.


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