O’wned… and KaPutin, there’s a new kid in town…

Who can be blamed now?  Bush got approval for Iraq and Afghanistan.  Regime change in Iraq became US policy under President Clinton.

Sorry to interject the truth…

And, a super biased opinion…  I’m super glad Saddam Hussein is gone…  The mass-murderer took the lives of 1.3 MILLION of his own people (including those living in Halabja, using poison gas).

So, tonight the President asked Congress to delay a vote they didn’t ask to be put in the first place?  Really?  So this precipitous juncture is the doing of Congress?

After drawing a “red line”, then denying he’d drawn a “red line”, then saying “the world” had drawn a “red line”, then it was “humanity” that drew the “red line”, then having lots of video with him drawing a “red line”, President Obama, assisted by John Kerry, got owned by Russian President Putin.

The “red line” was crossed with impunity.  The Russians have long supported Syria, and now their influence in the region is assured.

Putin has played the horrendous use of chemical weapons masterfully.  The vote to Congress will likely never be pushed.

Assad’s place is now likely assured.

And all this on the eve of 9.11.2013!

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