How Syrias Are We?

Personally, I believe the documented use of chemical weapons needs a well reasoned and very serious response.

While I don’t think “red lines” should be drawn unless one is totally sure of the actions that will soon follow when those lines are crossed (big mistake), I still hold the view that any decent and capable nation should not stand idly by in the face of gross atrocity, chemically based, or not.

Europe is well heeled in the tradition of ignoring mass-murder.  I’d like to think our country is different.

Still, while I’ve supported every single major military action our Presidents have taken since 1991 (yes, I thought all along that ousting Saddam was a phenomenally moral thing, regardless of WMD), I am mystified by the lack of “peace” demonstrations, given our present President’s expressed intentions.

Is it only Republicans who can be deemed “war-mongers”?

Where are the councils and the groups and the ecumenical assemblies crying out against the use of force?  The Pope has counseled against military engagement, but he’s one guy.

Rightly or wrongly, Senator McCain stands with President Obama with regard to bombing Syria.  He’s not a hypocrite.  He’s a principled leader able to cross party lines (even when it will be deemed most unpopular).

But where are all the marchers and placard carriers, so ready to appear on the scene with vim, vigor and vitriol when a Republican President feels the need to exercise military action?

The comparative silence is deafening.

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