Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev killed and maimed random human beings, in the name of their approach to “faith”.

My niece, and her family, were about a minute away from potentially tragic, lifelong, or permanent harm.

In the meantime, and concurrently, lots of people have been rightfully concerned about the NSA’s prying apart our right to privacy.

The Russians informed our government that the Tsarnaev brothers were trouble.

So, with all this surveillance intended to protect us, how is it these two individuals, wearing the fluorescent orange paint of freely offered foreign intelligence, managed to perpetrate their horribly inhuman treachery?

Some people are paranoid when it comes to the NSA’s capability.

Does its ability, in deference to political correctness, only extend to watching good American citizens and allies, or has it been effectively and dispassionately directed elsewhere, at those who would do all of us real harm?


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