The Boston Bombing

My niece ran in the Boston Marathon, and was fast enough to finish a few minutes ahead of the horrific explosions that, with ferocity matched in depravity, took life and limb.

I wonder how many of us have hoped the perpetrator(s) are not part of a group we’re even tangentially associated with…

White male…  Muslim extremist…  Fundamentalist Christian…  Leftist fanatic…

Truth is, there are some groups I’d rather the malevolent monsters were connected to.

Still, regardless of the labels, the criminals associated with this heinous crime are, indeed, associated with me, nay, with all of us.

Indeed, without one iota of direct evidence, I can say for certain that the prime movers behind this disaster are human beings, not robots, or machines.

Even so, I cannot imagine what grotesque malady must overtake a person, enabling them to visit such wanton destruction on those who just happen to be in the vicinity of the detonation.

Would they mind if it was their mother, their son, their infant, toddler or lover who, by chance, wandered into the blast zone?

How is it a human being can be so inhuman?

Of course, as in any terrible tragedy, with far more manifest evidence at our disposal, we are also left wondering, whether in uniform or civilian dress, how mere human beings, under enormous duress, can be so heroic, so compassionate?

Yes, as it always seems to be, evil can be extreme, but it pales in comparison to the instant and indellible good we all too often take for granted.

Depravity cuts deep.  Too deep.

But it only succeeds in revealing unfathomable virtue that immediately sustains on scene, and endures far beyond.

Not for a few, but for us all.

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