Hugo is gone

As a Venezuelan born United States citizen, I took a tad more special note on the news that Hugo Chavez is dead.

The man plundered the country as he set the impoverished against the wealthy, turning oil-rich Venezuela into the latest emerging 3rd world nation.

Still, for some, when it comes to inflicted Socialism, any and all abuses of power are OK.

Chavez was a real genius, for sure!  By lowering the standards of everyone in the country, he made all people more equal.

Except himself.

Filthy rich as they are, while it’s not totally amazing, it is completely informative that the likes of Oliver Stone and Sean Penn still sing Hugo’s praise.

You see, they are above the masses.  They make films and therefore know what’s best for others, even though they would scarcely tolerate massive, maniacal and mandatory mediocrity enforced upon themselves.




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