Worst in 100 years?

It hasn’t exactly been balmy here in the US Northeast, but today, the Moscow Times reported this:

The heaviest snowfall in a century brought Moscow and the  surrounding region to a near standstill and left hundreds  of people without power, officials said Tuesday.  And with snowfall set to continue at least until the end  of the week, the authorities are bracing for more chaos  on the roads.  “There hasn’t been such a winter in 100 years,” Pyotr Biryukov,  deputy mayor for residential issues, said Tuesday in comments carried  by Interfax. “The snow this year has already reached one and a half  times the climatic norm,” he said.

The whole winter in Russia and China has been record-settingly awful.  I can’t imagine -45C!

Of course, there are those who are quick to say that weather isn’t the same as climate…

Perhaps.  But wow, it sure seems cold.

Read more: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/heaviest-snowfall-in-a-century-hits-moscow/475102.html#ixzz2K5I0h0hw The Moscow Times


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