No power, still?

Rich is a Long Island guy I met while serving down at Ground Zero.  Rich is the guy you’d want with you if zombies really did run amock, or if a cataclysmic meteor was soon to smash into our blessed Terra Firma.  He’s that good.

So, I called him today to hear how he’d come through Sandy and the snow.  He’s fine.  He’s into survival mode, and thriving as few others could.

But he’s without power!  Still.  12 days and counting.

He’s not on the Long Island shoreline.  He lives well inland, with 200,000 others who have yet to get any kind of definitive answer as to when they can turn their lights on.

I was taken aback by this because the “mainstream media” have largely ignored this incredible reality.

No endless looping of sad footage of desperate people.  No endless, talking head harangues about FEMA, and what the FEDS are not doing.

Why is that?


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