The Hurricane of 1938, Global Warming?

The New England Hurricane of 1938 made landfall on Long Island as a Category 3 storm, on September 21st.

Over 600 people lost their lives.

More than 50,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed.  50,000.

Today our warning systems are miles better than what used to be.  Technology held aloft in airplanes and launched in satellites is pretty darn good!

And yet, disaster is always local.  If you lose your home, at any time, it’s as bad for you as if thousands of others did too.

All of us in the Northeast want power restored ASAP.  I know that was my desire.  Still, for most of us, we are far better off than anyone was only about 80 years ago.

I think it’s a shameless disgrace that the Governor of NY and the Mayor of NYC have tried to turn Sandy into a Global Warming/Climate Change issue.

Nice try!  That might work, if not enough people know their history.



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