The Accident

I’ve never been involved in an auto accident.  In 37 years of driving.

Not that I shouldn’t have been.  Truth is, in my late teens, the way I was driving, I was due…

But still, I’ve been spared.  Until last night.

Taking the “fam” to an IMAX theater, I was stuck in traffic on I-95 South.

Left-lane, stopped.  Totally.

Then, in the rear-view mirror, I saw the headlights, thinking, “There’s no way he can sto…”

Wham!  Into me, and I following suit into a Volvo.

Apologetic, the 22 year old driver said, “I’m sorry.  I wasn’t looking.”

Yes.  Apparently not.  At least, not at me, or the road.

Good thing we weren’t killed.

I too have taken my eyes off the road.  You know, “but for the grace of God…”

Still, it is a gamble.  Especially when you’re commandeering a 3ooo lb. projectile on wheels.









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