Most times, I have found that the most talented and knowledgable people are also the most giving and willing to share their insights.  No secrets, no insecurity.

I came across Dr. Clay via the internet and the Arkansas Sky Observatories.  http://www.arksky.org/  Through that connection, Dr. Clay tweaked a telescope I had purchased, enhancing and certifying its performance, and thereby, increasing its value as an item and an instrument.

Now it’s been 5 years since I last worked with Dr. Clay, but recently enquiring about a different telescope, I received new replies freely including a wealth of informative detail well beyond what one would normally expect.

This guy is a class act, always willing to take the time to help out and enhance the experience of astronomy for anyone who has the interest to enquire.  What he gladly extends to others speaks volumes about the quality of the man himself.  Amazing.



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