Osama bin Gaten II

Far more important than releasing a photo of a slain Osama bin Laden is for Americans to consider the means that led to his capture, and ask these specific questions.

Was waterboarding involved in gleaning any information on bin Laden’s trusted courier?  Were enhanced interrogation techniques used to exact data helping to track down this malevolent monster?  Was any credible information gleaned via questioning at Guantanamo?  Were any cell-phone communications intercepted?  Was the UN informed?  Did the Security Council grant sanction?  Did the Pakistani government approve of the SEALs invasion?

One of the great things about our current President is his ability to change his mind, especially as it pertains to views expressed on the campaign trail. 

The campaign is long, long over and Guantanamo is still open for a reason.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammad will not be tried in NYC for a reason.  Predator drones and missiles have been set upon terrorists in Pakistan for a reason. 

President Obama is a reasonable man, who has continued policies enacted long before he took office, for a very good reason.  Thus, a callous murderer ultimately met his demise.

Within this demise, it would be naive to conveniently ignore the means that brought it about.


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