Proof of Jesus’ Resurrection

The Roman crucifixion of Jesus is one of the most historically undeniable events from the 1st century.  Even Roman historians along with other ancient scribes and chroniclers of the day wrote of it.  Trying to assert, even in fictional stories, that somehow Jesus wasn’t crucified is no more teneble than saying he was a visitor from Mars.

In addition, secular history, ancient and modern, also accepts the fact that soon after the death of Jesus, his closest followers left their homes, and their security, to proclaim that he had risen, and indeed, that they had directly and physically been encountered by him in the flesh.  They made these declarations, even to the point of their own deaths, to their friends and their enemies.

Attempts to explain away the actual resurrection of Jesus Christ should all be explored, mainly because the more one bores into them, the more one is likely to be led to the threshold of belief.

Between the known actions of Pontius Pilate on Good Friday and the known behavior of the Apostles after Easter lies the inescapable dynamic that Jesus Christ rose from the grave, and the the tomb in which he was buried was left behind, empty.

For those who open their hearts to Christ, they will find his resurrection not simply a past event, but a present reality.  They may not meet Jesus in the flesh, but they will see that encountering him in the faith is more than sufficient.

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