St. Stanislaus, New Haven

What a beautiful sanctuary!  And such nice people!

I had done some shots inside back about 7 or 8 months ago.  Arriving unannounced, tripod and camera in tow, Mary, one of the administrators, just let me in.  Talk about trust.

So, with some new gear, I was interested to try a few new things, and when I called the office, before I got past, “Hi, I’m Bill Keane, and…”  “You’re the guy who took those nice pictures!”

Long story short, Mary let me back in, for as long as I needed to stay (1.5hours!) and what you see posted here is one image from the lot. 

St. Stanislaus in New Haven, Connecticut is an exquisite place to worship God.  But, to me, the people working in this church’s behalf are even more special.  It’s a privilege having received the grace to cross their path.


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