What does “Adorama” mean?  To me it means, “their word is bond.”

OK, so I just found out that a single order was mistakenly shipped in two parts… one via a method that in all likelihood won’t arrive when it needs to.

It matters not why this happened.  From time to time in life, these things always do.

What DOES matter is that within seconds of calling customer service I received assurances of a fresh shipment of the second item, that WILL arrive on time, with the issuance of a return label for the part that will be delivered late.

That is what Customer Service means.  You treat the customer as an ally, not as an adversary (as so many establishments seem to do).  You find a way to make things work, not expending energy in articulating how they can’t work.

Just in the last year, I’ve had three things happen for me, relative to other merchants and service providers, that, initially, their customer service reps said were “impossible”.

Indeed, some things ARE impossible, even for Adorama.  But when a company really cares and imparts that philosophy to its employees, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.

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