McCartney? Really?

So Paul McCartney stands up to accept an American award and sinks to unseemly depths by using the stage as a platform for sniping at President Bush.  Truly classless.

Remarkable coming from someone holding about as little responsibility in life as humanly possible.

Heavens, here’s a guy who couldn’t break-up with 3 other bandmates in a civil fashion, but he’s going to render comment on someone holding responsibility for 300 million people over 8 years?  It was a joke, right?

Paul would do well to listen to John Lennon’s masterpiece, “How do you sleep?”  In it, Lennon caustically observes, “The only thing you’ve done was Yesterday… and since you’ve gone you’re just another day…”

I wonder if the truth of these lyrics is starting to set in.  It would be a pity for Sir Paul to fade from view as a bitter has-been.

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