McCartney II

McCartney II.  Have you heard this album?  Few have.  It may be one of the worst ever made.  But go see for yourself.

Even so, I use this title because this is my 2nd McCartney post.

House Minority Leader John Boehner has asked for an apology.  President Obama needs to as well.

Sniping at George Bush at an event where this country is extending a personal honor isn’t just classless.  It’s unconscionable.

I’ve never met Sir Paul, or watched him working with people under critical distress and incredibly difficult circumstances.  I am sure that producing albums is gut-wrenchingly precarious in comparison to what Presidents deal with.  Laying those tracks, lives are at stake.  Or, at the very least, fragile egos are.  Not that Paul has one.  No.  He’s a very secure man.

Nevertheless, I have seen President Bush work.  At very close range, under unspeakably challenging duress.  What I saw in person makes Mr. McCartney look awfully small.  George Bush has more class in his little finger than many do in their whole being.  Fact.  He has guts. Intelligence.  And a great deal of what suddenly seems in short supply, grace.

I know the Harvard MBA and Mrs. Bush’s love of reading mean nothing, especially in relation to McCartney’s academic credentials.

Sure, Paul is entitled to his personal opinion, personally kept off platforms we extend to him.  He is a great bass-player who joyfully performs hits from 40 years ago.  That much from him I’ve seen.  We can learn a great deal from him about how to play the bass, and 6-string acoustic, and suing people, and acrimonious parting from former partners in music, and how to make fools of ourselves in public.

But please.  Hold a candle to W? 

No.  I don’t think so. 

Gratuitious parting slap?  And why?  Who benefitted?  You?  Obama?

Even an ex-Beatle should have known better…


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