“1,000 trapped on ferry stuck in Baltic Sea ice” — AP

According to the Associated Press:  

STOCKHOLM – Dozens of ships including a passenger ferry with nearly 1,000 people on board were trapped Friday in heavy pack ice in the Baltic Sea off Sweden’s east coast, officials said.  Ice breakers were trying to free the ferry Amorella and two cargo ships stuck at the edge of an archipelago northeast of Stockholm, while rescue helicopters and military hovercraft were on standby to evacuate passengers if needed. Gale-force winds were hampering the effort, the Swedish Maritime Administration said.

From what we’re now told, the Himalayan Glacial Ice is just as solid, and likely to stay that way for quite some time. 

One wonders when the “Global Warming — Climate Change” lobbyists will thaw just a bit and simply encourage a more even handed enhancement of the environment that doesn’t rely on freezing people into intractable positions that are more socialist dogma than scientific reality.

Chech President Vaclav Klaus’ book is excellent on this…


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