Screw Up

From the ABC News blog:

“President Obama told members of his national security team this afternoon that the intelligence failure around the attempted Christmas day attack was a ‘screw up’ and that they only dodged a bullet because of brave individuals of Flight 253.”

Candor is a good thing.

Obama is not to blame for what might have happened on Christmas Day.  I also don’t believe that the police are to blame for crimes that take place in the local neighborhood.

Criminals are responsible for their crimes, and terrorists are to blame for terrorism.

We need to disabuse ourselves of the naiveté that seems to be enveloping our response to Islamic barbarity. 

Yes, we need to do our level best to disrupt any and all threats to our homeland.

But regardless of the “screw ups” endemic to any bureaucracy, blame belongs squarely and solely on the laps of the perpetrators, not the victims.

We forgot this soon after 9.11.  We damn well should know better by now.


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