KSM in NYC? (part two)

Regarding the decision of Eric Holder to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York, last week I wrote, “…the platform we will be giving KSM to spew his delusional vitriol will be almost incomparable.  A Madison Avenue ad agency couldn’t do what our Attorney General now wants undertaken.”

Today, via the Associated Press, we read, “NEW YORK (AP) – The five men facing trial in the Sept. 11 attacks will plead not guilty so that they can air their criticisms of U.S. foreign policy, the lawyer for one of the defendants said Sunday.”  This same lawyer also revealed that when it comes to his client’s review of American practice overseas, Their assessment is negative.”

Now THIS is the kind of intelligence you simply can’t extract through water-boarding!

Indeed, the wisdom of our Attorney General to bring KSM to NYC is already manifesting itself magnificently.

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