Fort Hood Winked

With 13 people slain and barely laid to rest at Fort Hood, Texas, the alacrity of some apologists is incredible.

Already headlines abound trying to imply that the murders committed by Nidal Malik Hasan are really the fault of the FBI or the NSA or the Army or heaven knows who else.  The US government has to be at fault.

Islam is not to blame.

Yes, we’ve all heard that Islam is a religion of peace, and that radical elements are present in all faiths.  Fine.

But the number of instances when a devout, or crazy Christian sings praise to Jesus Christ while sawing off someone’s head just aren’t that common.  Jews can be superbly devout, but when was the last time a Jew self-detonated themselves on a bus or train, while clutching a copy of the Torah or Talmud?

Fine, Islam is a religion of peace. 

Personally, I don’t care.

But please inform the plethora of adherents who seem to think that, “Allahu Akbar!” should be the preamble for unleashing a salvo of bullets, bombs and sharp knives.

I feel very badly for kindhearted Islamic adherents who have to hear about these horrific incidents so often.  I also feel for the victims and families, presumably deemed infidels, and thus unworthy of life.

As Americans, we rightly need to continue to cherish the inherent goodness and rights of all members in our society, regardless of their faith or position in life.  We need to assume that everyone will do this, and hope that the much vaunted religion of peace will step up, not only with widespread public denouncement of wanton carnage, but also greatly heightened efforts to educate those who appear to have missed the message of peace by a substantial margin.


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