Fox News

In the last 2 years, I haven’t watched Fox News Channel for more than a pop-in visit.  During the same period I haven’t seen O’Reilly or Hannity in excess of 10 minutes.

Why?  Because I’ve been involved in other pursuits.

Still, I think the Obama administration’s blatant attempt to marginalize Fox News is, at best, very, very stupid.  Their ratings regularly crush those of CNN, and, of course MSNBC, and let’s get real, if the President can speak eloquently about open and unconditional dialogue with the likes of Ahmadinejad, surely he can sit down with Mike Wallace’s son, Chris.

The fact is, Fox News, daily, has people like Mara Liasson, Juan Williams and a host of others well left of center to go along with Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer (both of whom BTW are political commentary heavyweights).

If the President doesn’t like Glenn Beck, that’s too bad.  George Bush had Keith Olbermann saying all sorts of nasty things on MSNBC night after night, and his administration didn’t whine.

Frankly, I must wonder, again, who is advising our current President.  His attempts to isolate and squelch Fox News are instantly unconstitutional, and certainly bad enough as such.  More importantly, they betray a lack of engagement that must strain the credulity of the millions and millions that regularly watch that network.

Mr. Obama is the President of all of us.  His advisors might wish to reconsider, and even embrace that reality.


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