Nobel not all that noble

Apparently President Obama was nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize about 11 days into his presidency…  And apparently, “Yes we can!” is no empty slogan. 

This honor is now obviously of dubious distinction because, in point of fact, especially in comparison to most other recipients, Obama hasn’t done anything substantive for the cause of peace.  Compare his credentials to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela or Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  They don’t even begin to take on even a scintilla of resemblance. 

Most recently, the President was unable to secure an Olympic venue for Chicago, but more importantly, he has seemingly done nothing to curb the gang violence there. 

Perhaps increasing troop strength in Afghanistan or stopping Iran from blatantly moving toward the possession of nuclear missiles will eventually establish his credentials, but until then, it’s hard to know what President Obama actually stands for, or may yet accomplish.

Obviously the original nomination was a political “Hail Mary” pass, that somehow, beyond all reason, was caught.

Prizes recently awarded in the sciences required actual achievement.

Peace, however, is a far more subjective category.


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