Imagine the unmitigated gaul of expecting an admitted rapist to face and finish the course of justice he ran from 32 years ago!  Plead guilty, then get on a plane…  That’s how you do it!

For many in Hollywood, and France, the message seems to be that you can be 43, use Methaqualone and wine (French?) to ply and push a 13 year old into bed, and then have your way.  However, if you take off and go on to make nice films, everything’s OK!

It matters not that the victim has forgiven Polanski and wants to move on.  This is most admirable for her, and obviously she doesn’t want to hear any more about this tragic episode than would be absolutely necessary.  Doubtless, if she was any less magnanimous about the episode, some in the entertainment world would try to cast her as the perpetrator!  They could make yet another movie that attempts to recast history.

Polanski’s thespian defenders ought to be ashamed.  Aiding and abetting rape, especially one deliberately involving a minor, is stupefyingly detestable. 

Saying nothing of substance about the actual case, it reveals a great deal about those who would attempt this curious maneuver and should absolve them permanently from ever being taken seriously again.

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