Chicago Out

Chicago was eliminated in the 1st round, and therefore will not be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.

Is it unusual to ask why the President and First Lady were personally involved and physically on-scene campaigning for this selection?  I don’t think it’s all that mysterious why this bid failed, but why was it attempted at all?  Barring the heavy-handed diplomacy of Air Force One barreling into Copenhagen, even if it had been successful, there’s still something not right at the heart of it all that, to me, calls the whole approach, turned debacle, into question.

The President needs to be seen in Afghanistan.

He needs to be photographed speaking to the Commanders on the ground in Kabul and Baghdad.

Who is advising our Chief Executive? 

Our young men and women in uniform aren’t just competing for medals on a track or in a pool.  They’re putting their lives directly on the line for freedom.  They need timely leadership to prevail, and they deserve all the active attention the Oval Office can afford them.

Oh, and by the way, there’s a health care debate going on as well.  

And unemployment has hit 9.8%.

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