Astronomy teaches patience.

You anticipate a once in a decade (or lifetime) celestial phenomenon for weeks, months or years.  And then it rains.  Or it’s cloudy.  Or you have a pressing engagement that can’t be missed.

Last Sunday, in these parts, conditions were magnificent in their eminent stability.  So, setting up my telescope, I took a gander at my old friend Jupiter.  And wow!  There, in royal stripes, attended by several brightly diminutive orbs, the Jovian majesty shone as I’d never seen before.

Cloud belts festooned with swirls, the King of Planets stood in silent glory.

From a shoreline perch, I’d taken a journey of some 390 million miles.  In 42 years of looking, I had never seen this gas giant looking so crisp and clear.

It was worth the wait.


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