Just got a new PC, which means half my stuff doesn’t work with it…

Actually, it’s great.  Vista 64-bit and VERY fast.  But I couldn’t figure out how to transfer my email address book from the old to the new machine.

So, I called MicroSoft!  And because I’d never called them before I got a free support option, routing me to India.  In just a few moments, me and “Reggie” were getting on famously!  Like we’d been buddies since birth!

Now get this…  My new friend on the other end offered the option of allowing him to take control of my computer (a la the old Outer Limits), and lo and behold, in one minute, I watched in amazement as my cursor travelled on its own through various steps, guided from, what, 15,000 miles away?

What a small planet we live on.

Do you think that eventually we will all be as close socially, politically, emotionally and morally as we are economically and technologically? 

Wouldn’t that be the day.

Just one computer adjusted, but I see no reason why relationships can’t be the same.

To some, this is an impossible dream.

But remember, the aformentioned fix would have been a complete fantasy only 10 years ago.

Today, we are better with machines than men and women.

Tomorrow?  We’ll see.


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