Secretary of State

This past week has been a gaffe-prone series of visits by our new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

“Informing” the European Parliament that our democracy was much older than theirs, mispronouncing various key names, then handing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a gag gift, where the joke wound up on us…  Apparently our entire Department of State was completely unable to come up with a correct translation of RESET. 


Plus the Brits are in a snit because of the way they perceive their Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was received by our President…

Stepping back for a second, and putting this all into perspective, can you imagine if any of these indiscretions, real or perceived, had been committed by the Bush Administration?

Sure you can.

If our European friends wanted a different administration to work with, they have one.

Dr. Condoleeza Rice would have translated the English/Russian thing herself.

I guess not every Secretary of State can do that.


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