Obama, Hitler?

So just today I get an email with an essay likening President Obama to Adolf Hitler.  I don’t want to go into all the details put forward in the attempt to validate this point of view.  I simply want to speak to the core perspective point blank.

It’s stupid, unwarranted and un-American.

Just like it was when this kind of characterization was laid upon President Bush.

It was evil then.  It is evil now.

Why is it the extreme left and right feel the need to leave behind honest debate and resort to Apocalyptic fear mongering, sewing the seeds of profound insecurity, instead of articulating a cogent set of new and inspiring ideas?

I am tired of this approach. 

Do I think Mr. Obama’s new stimulus will work?  Am I convinced it is good?

How in the hell should I know?  Do you?  Does anyone?

What I am certain about is that while the latest response to our fiscal crisis is undoubtedly imperfect, I also choose to hold the belief that it is well intentioned, by and large crafted by folks who care about this country at least as much as I do.  I could be wrong, but being wrong is not a distinction that makes one unique. 

I simply refuse to be cynical. 

Therefore, I support the latest bailout/budget on that basis.  I hope it works.

Beyond a charge to the banking and loan industries though, perhaps what we really need is a jolt to the American consciousness and conscience, so that we might be less prone to reactionary vitriol, more sensitive to our common decency, and better attuned to the most reasonable faith and fact that, by and large, our public servants are not much better or worse than we are.

They may not be Mother Theresa, but damn it, they most assuredly are not Adolf Hitler.

Let’s get a grip, and let’s get together.

That kind of stimulus is long, long overdue.

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