Obama Nation

What a tremendous moment in the story of our nation, as Barack Obama, the first generation son of an immigrant African father, raised essentially by a single mom, has now taken the oath of office and become the 44th President of the United States.


He did not receive my vote, but he has my admiration, and I hope he will enjoy broad support taking on  the reigns of one of the most inexplicably difficult jobs imaginable.


As a young boy growing up in the 60’s I remember my dad’s decision to march with Dr. Martin Luther King through the streets of Newark, taking steps for the cause of civil rights.  These rallies occurred not long before just a few souls would leave permanent footprints on the lunar surface.


Today, we have achieved another milestone, much nearer to home, but more elusive perhaps than goals set in outer space.  We have shown that an individual, regardless of color or currency, can aspire to and take hold of the highest reigns of power the world has ever known.


This is a global statement.  It is but the latest in a string of American achievements.


Whether in the passage of time President Obama is adjudged successful or not, while critically important, is also not necessarily enduringly significant.  We has has done, or rather, what our nation has done, is we have enabled him to set his shoes upon the carpet in the Oval Office as our newest Commander in Chief.  


Regardless of where he decides to go, these prints will never fade, for they will always be rightly regarded as the first fruits of a nation making good on the promise of equal opportunity for all who choose to call her home.


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