Psychic Psickness

Is it a coincidence that in the recent profound uncertainty befalling our planet, one hears a resurgence of “psychic hotline” commercials?  Only this morning, a major radio station had a guest on, purportedly able to portend caller’s future circumstances.

Let’s be blunt.  You’d have to be dumb as a bag of hammers (or truly desperate) to see a psychic approach to life as anything other than comedy or chicanery.

The fact that these charlatan creeps are allowed air-time, and therefore access and opportunity to prey upon gullible victims, is deplorably unconscionable.

Perhaps the future is frightening for some, if not most.  Even so, in it’s worst form, facing our fear, reasonable or otherwise, head-on is far preferable to wishful and wasteful fantasy.

Psychics are criminal.  Instead of admitting their “art” is no more than deceptive and delusional entertainment, they pass themselves off as worthy of serious consulation, and fees. 

They lie.  They steal.  They stink like vultures masticating on the dead tissue of broken dreams.

How responsible media can allow themselves to be willing platforms for these conniving con-artists is completely beyond me.  I can’t “see” it.

Indeed, times must be hard.


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