A Post-Feminist Woman

Like her or not, Sarah Palin is a Post-Feminist woman.  She can handle high-power rifles, clean fresh killed venison, raise kids, take on powerful petro-corporations, handle executive power, and not look like she’s trying to resemble a man.

She is strong, articulate, funny, sharp… and feminine.

It doesn’t matter if she’s on the winning team.  Just watch.  She will usher in a whole new generation of women, conservative and liberal, who won’t have to dress up their personalities in a jacket and pants-suit to gain credibility.

Sarah Palin is who she wants to be and is capable of being.  If McCain doesn’t win this time around, Palin will be back.  Only next time it will be as a nominee for President.

Sarah Palin is a game-changer way beyond this election.  She is free, comfortable with being a woman, and therefore, in my view, truly liberated.


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