Delayed gratification…

So the $700 billion bail-out bill sank.  Then people’s investments in the Dow lost 1.2 TRILLION in a day!  BTW, forget headlines about “point drops”, because they’re irrelevant.  PERCENTAGE is what tells the real story.  From that angle, we’ve lost way more than 7% before, and survived… 

Still, the amounts being kicked around are staggering aren’t they?  But we’re a big country, and like nowhere else, we’ve enabled just about anyone to take a full seat in the table of commerce.

Don’t let anyone kid you — Wall Street IS Main Street.

Even so, if taking the reigns in government is more to your liking than investing in mutual funds, just move here, and in a generation your kid can make a great run for the Presidency. 

Opportunity.  We invented it.

Perhaps it is good that the bill in question didn’t fly on the first go round.  I mean, quick and easy disposition and acquisition of finance is what got us here to begin with, right?  Maybe with a bit more wrangling, what passes, if it passes, will be sharper, wiser, cleaner.

Personally, my own amendment to this legislation is that at the end of this crisis, politicians will take seriously the need to speak with eachother, not just at or about eachother.


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