Pelosi Implosion

In her incredible address before the Congress, undoubtedly assuming easy passage of the $700 billion dollar bailout package, Madame Pelosi just couldn’t help herself…  Unbelievable.

After all the talk about agreement and the need for bipartisan cooperation, going on to speak from an acutely myopic vision, attempting to use a national crisis to take a political swipe at President Bush, displayed a level of heady, arrogant hubris both hateful in expression and uniquely historic in delusion.

Not even a weekago President Clinton remarked how, in 1999, he and some Republicans warned against the lax process surrounding Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  In 2004, the Bush administration again raised this issue, with suggested safeguards, to no avail.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ought to be deeply ashamed.

Frankly, their blatant lack of decency at this unspeakably critical juncture is extremely alarming, and ought to be permanently informative.

Truly unbelievable, and grossly unacceptable.


2 Responses to Pelosi Implosion

  1. L.A. BOM says:

    The economy & markets are tanking and Pelosi trashes President Bush in a rambling tirade.

  2. Mary Marantz says:

    yay for the bloggity blog!! you are bookmarked!

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