Easy Credit! All you can eat… $9.11

I’ll admit I’ve gone to the Ledyard Casino three times in the last 15 years, dropping $20. in the slots, then going straight to the All-You-Can-Eat buffet that’s been oddly priced at amounts like $8.47, $9.78, $11.42…

I know a bargain!  So my infrequent visits have enabled me to consume $50. worth of Prime Rib for a fraction of price.

But there could be a greater cost.  As it happens, my doctor likes where I’m at weight-wise, but the fact is, in our free society, there is nothing stopping me from the hell-bent pursuit of pinning the needle on the old sphygmomenometer. 

Carrying trays in front of a smorgasbord of delectable treats, no one prevents patrons from plunking down their $12.63 on a daily basis and chowing down all the Bread Pudding they can stand.  Thus we could easily see a scenario in which more than a few ravenous recipients might gladly eat themselves into a cholesterol clogged oblivion, with no governmental agency guiding them along the way.

It seems that, as a nation, since 1999, we have been invited to an incomprehensibly enormous credit buffet for a stated price too low to resist.

For too many, low interest rates were not enough.  So instead of reasonable and healthy portions of credit being taken from the financial coffers of our nation’s lending institutions, folks were tempted, invited, allowed, to take far more than they could reasonably digest.

The resulting obesity and arterial damage is something we will all be forced to deal with. 

Perhaps we need to drop Algebra II in High School curricula and replace it with Consumer Finance 101.  Perhaps we need to have government warnings automatically kick-in when certain prudent parameters appear to be violated in negotiation for a given loan.

Even so, no educational adjustment or governmental reform can ever take the place of personal common sense and restraint.

If we’re willing to accept the price of being free, we’re far less likely to bear the heavy cost of widespread foolishness.


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